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We're Here to Break the Status Quo

We believe that innovation drives success. We approach technology differently by taking a modern approach in a world full of legacy service providers.

Our Story

Kirbside Consulting was founded in 2015 by Dominic Kirby. Our story starts like that of many other service providers. We have a passion for technology and using it to drive results for businesses. However, something was missing.

As time went on, we discovered that by creating a business similar to all the other IT businesses, we created two problems:

  • We operated differently, but we didn’t deliver the value we wanted.
  • We’d locked ourselves into a business model that stifles innovation, and that’s not good for a bunch of people who eat, sleep, and breathe innovation.

Ergo, we went back to the drawing board and crafted what we call the Next Generation Solutions Provider (NGSP) model. We built our road-map for success around our people first, and developed a technology platform based on modern tools that allow for future-proofing and innovation.

By investing in a Stellar Team and a Stellar Platform, we bring resources to bear that many others can not, forming a truly consultative relationship in which we fully integrate with your team and help your firm use technology to drive innovation, security, efficiency, and collaboration.

Our People

We invest in our people, and in return they invest in you.

Dominic Kirby

Dominic Kirby

Founder & Chief Technology Advocate

Denis Zhirovetskiy

Denis Zhirovetskiy

Consultant & Director of Private Cloud

Daniel DeFay

Daniel DeFay

Consultant - Legal

Gene Isayev

Gene Isayev

Chief Information Security Officer

Our Partners

We partner with industry leaders and like minded next-gen service providers around the country.

We rely on a trusted network of industry and platform partners to expand our capabilities and deliver our Stellar IT platform to your firm. Whatever the problem, you can rest assured that we have rapid access to the right solution.

Some of our partners include Microsoft, Pax8, Adeptcloud, Abira Security, and a nationwide network of like-minded service providers.


Our Values

We measure our success based on that our our people, and the outcomes we generate for our clients.

We operate a hyper-focused operation. We’re hyper-focused on your outcomes and we’re committed to generating success for our people. To accomplish this, we subscribe to a core set of values:

  • Creativity
    We encourage our people to be creative problem solvers. We reward innovation, push our limits, and find new and better ways of doing things.
  • Transparency
    We’re committed to being transparent with each other, and transparent with our clients. We create mutually beneficial relationships in which every party is included, can drive change, and knows they’re valued.
  • Agility
    The technology services industry demands agility. It’s our mission to always be exploring the next, without compromising our client outcomes. We’re a team of outside-the-box thinkers and problem solvers who commit to always learn and master new technology.
  • Stellar Service
    We aim to provide Stellar Service for each other and each and every one of our clients. This is the driving force behind our growth.