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The Kirbside Advantage

We're On a Mission

We’re not just another team of geeks. We’re business professionals with a passion for helping small and medium business succeed. Our mission at Kirbside is to create a collective of services design to empower your business to do better.

We do this by going beyond the help desk and truly partnering with your business. We want to turn technology into a competitive asset by ensuring that it drives efficiency and value every step of the way.


We Deliver a Full-Spectrum IT Department

Proper I.T. management is about way more than ones and zeros. Proper business IT requires careful management and expertise to ensure that the systems you have in place are delivering value, and to ensure that your IT is ready for the future no matter what that means. With Stellar IT, we surround your business with experts who take the hassle of IT management and support off of your back.


We Believe in a Stellar Experience

A Stellar experience drives everything we do at Kirbside. That’s why everyone from your dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer to our 24x7x365 live support team is 100% dedicated to your success.


featuring or having the quality of a star performer or performers. (informal)

We Eliminate Guesswork

Between our simple, two-way scalable pricing and our unique Stellar Focus process, we help you and your management team see into the future.

We sit in with you on your planning sessions and help you plan and budget for your future. Our goal is to Make IT Easy, and predictability is a key asset to have when you’re growing a business, or even just planning for change.

Further, our simple pricing sales both up and down alongside your business, ensuring you’re only paying for what you need.