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The #ModernWorkplace is a great new way of doing business. It empowers you to work when and where you need to, better together, and more securely. We can co-author documents, work on any device, work where we need to, and we don’t really have to think about VPNs, uptime, or other legacy pains.

However, with this Modern Workplace comes Modern Risk. As we move into the new way of working, we have to think about new ways to secure the way we work. We’ve broken the shackles of the traditional office workplace, but we’ve also broken the perimeter that many security professionals have come to know, love, and rely on.

To meet this new Modern Risk, we need a modern security strategy. In this article, we’ll take a look at our security framework that we use to protect ourselves and our clients.

As a Microsoft Partner, we keep up with what’s going on over at Microsoft (it keeps us agile). One thing we really like about their security strategy is their overall framework, pictured above. Our security posture around the Stellar IT Platform is built from the ground up with this framework in mind.

As you can see, the framework is built on a three-legged stool. If just one of the legs break, the whole framework comes toppling down. This is why we focus on three key elements:

  • Data and Telemetry – We need to know what we’re protecting and what normal use looks like.
  • Identity Management – Identity is the new perimeter, and it must be carefully protected.
  • Device Health – With so many devices in the Modern Workplace, it’s important that we know what is connecting to the platform in addition to who.

As you can see, the foundation of the framework is Risk Management and Assurance. These two foundation components represent goal setting and risk identification to assure that we’re doing the right things to protect your data.

Let’s take a quick dive into each category:

Data and Telemetry

Knowing what is going on on your environment is critical. We believe in assuming breach which means we’re always looking for signs that something is going wrong. In order to do that, we need to know what normal is. Knowing what normal is allows us to be alerted as soon as something is abnormal. This is the role filled by data and telemetry.

Identity Management

Identity Management is extremely important. In a cloud-first Modern Workplace, Identity is the new perimeter. We must make certain that we know exactly who is retrieving assets. We must also ensure that the people who have access to your data have the right access and that it’s turned off when no longer needed.

Device Health

The number of devices in the Modern Workplace can be astonishing. Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more all have access to your critical data. Device Health helps us balance privacy and security to ensure that only authorized devices are accessing your data, and only when they’re supposed to.


In summary, it’s important to take a modern approach when securing a modern workplace. Every company using the #ModernWorkplace should look into a solid and simple security framework to protect their people and data in the 21st century.

If you’re a legal or financial firm in the Denver are, get in touch with us to learn how our Platform approach to IT will revolutionize the way you use tech!