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IT Done Right For Your Denver Law Firm

With Stellar IT as a Service

Today’s law firms need to be agile, productive, and secure. Technology drives most modern workflows for law firms, leaving a lot of services to manage. When your law firm chooses Stellar IT as a Service from Kirbside Consulting, you get the best IT experience possible, consolidated under one fully managed umbrella. Here are some of the key benefits of our Stellar IT service for law firms:

Increased Security

Security is a critical part of any law firm’s technology plan. From handling sensitive data protected by strict regulation to safeguarding your clients’ trust, security is at the center of your job. With IT as a Service (ITaaS), you get the right suite of security products and services to protect your most valuable data 24x7x365 and on any device. By implementing Enterprise Mobility and Security, your data is protected on all of the devices that you and your team rely on to get work done. The data is encrypted and separated from your personal data, enabling our team to securely wipe the work data from your device in the event of loss, termination, or theft. Further, our team implements security policies to help prevent data from being leaked inappropriately. This is in addition to implementing industry-leading security software and monitoring to ensure that your devices are always protected and secure.

Increased Mobility

You and the team need to be able to work on the go. Whether at home, the office, your coffee shop, or the courtroom, Stellar IT enables you to work whenever and wherever you want to. Your data is securely handled by the Microsoft cloud, protected by secure policies to prevent improper leakage.

Rock Solid Reliability

We understand the importance of reliability when billing by the hour. Everything in our Stellar IT solution is designed for maximum security, reliability, and simplicity. Further, our 24×7 state of the art monitoring platform alerts our team of any issues encountered so that they can be put to bed before they stop your day.

Backed by Stellar Support

When you need help, you need quality help quickly. Our Stellar Support team is ready to help fix whatever problem is ailing you. Our average response time to new tickets is under 15 minutes, and most issues are resolved within the same business day. Further, we provide after hours support for those times when you’re burning the midnight oil.

Stellar Management

Ones and zeros might help you do most of your day to day work, but as you work hard and grow your law practice, you need the right know-how to scale your firm’s technology alongside you. Our vCIO service (included with Stellar IT) works for you on a management level, helping you make key decisions and plans for the future.

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