We’re very proud to announce the initial release of our new customer support portal – My Kirbside. My Kirbside allows our clients to conveniently and securely access our support resources, manage their requests, and manage their company. My Kirbside was built from the ground up to make it easier for our valued clients to interact with our support team and manage their company. It allows active customers to:

  • Submit requests for support
  • Manage existing tickets
  • Receive instant push notifications when their tickets are updated
  • Manage their company’s team
  • Manage their company’s billing settings

By using My Kirbside, you’ll be able to submit precise requests for support, enabling us to solve your problems faster!

Current Clients

Current clients can login to My Kirbside here. To log in, simply click the Login with Office 365 button and log in with your Microsoft Work Account. Over time, we will be automatically installing desktop shortcuts on every Kirbside Managed Computer:

Knowledgebase: We have built several knowledgebase articles that allow you to explore the different features of My Kirbside. They are available here (login required).

Single Sign-On: My Kirbside also serves as a Single Sign-On (SSO) service. This means that all content that is restricted to our customers will require that you log in using your My Kirbside account.

Push Notifications: We strongly recommend that you enable push notification the first time that you sign on to My Kirbside. This will enable you to get instant notifications right on your desktop when we update your tickets. You can see instructions for doing so here.

Prospective Clients

If you’re interested in a Stellar Support experience, please contact us or research our Stellar IT as a Service offering!