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Today’s most successful businesses are able to effectively most fast. Making plans and executing them at a speed appropriate to meet your goals is a tough thing to do. It’s a key ability of a good entrepreneur, and it separates the ones that “make it” from the ones that set the pace for everyone else. Your business grows, it contracts, and it adapts to newfound market conditions. The problem with managing your business at today’s speeds is that a lot gets left behind.

We’d argue (though we’re a little bias) that technology is the first thing to get left in the dust. It’s not because the business isn’t being properly managed (in our experience), tech is just an easy thing to forget. When you think of adding five positions next quarter, getting them new workstations and checking your internet bandwidth probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. And that’s OK, because it shouldn’t be! That said, it’s still something you have to think about. We’ve come across countless clients who had amazing plans to take over their market (those are our favorite) who had zero IT planning in place. The problem comes down to unexpected needs that cost time and money.

Here are a few key tech-related things to keep in mind when planning on staff expansion:

  • Do we have room for them to have an effective workspace?
  • Do we need to purchase additional equipment?
    • You’ll also want to consider specifics around their job role. For example, someone who is going to do marketing and needs to make graphics might need a more powerful PC.
  • Will our current internet bandwidth support this new number of users?
  • Do we have enough wireless and/or wired connectivity for these new team members?
  • Have we planned out what access each new position will need, and documented it?

There are several other factors that come into play when drawing your technology roadmap, we just want to get your brain rolling.

How do draw my technology roadmap?

Proper planning requires experience. This is why many big companies have a CIO, a person in charge of planning and budgeting these maneuver. For a smaller business, we (and again we’re a little biased) think that it’s always best to partner with a trusted, local technology provider who provides you the right experience and know-how to help you predict the future and eliminate some of the guesswork from your company’s future.

At Kirbside, our Stellar IT service includes what we call Stellar Focus. Stellar Focus is a unique process where we partner with you and integrate to become part of your team, and we help your foresee and tackle these challenges in advance.