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At first glance, it probably doesn’t make sense right? Logging in without a password sounds counterintuitive, at least that was our initial reaction. However, when done properly, passwordless authentication can actually make it much easier on us good guys to log in, but significantly harder for bad apples to sneak in.

Here’s How It Works

Passwordless authentication for Office 365/Azure AD is simple. Using the same two-factor authentication app you already have (Microsoft Authenticator), you’ll be able to approve your login. Passwordless authentication achieves two factors of authentication with the following factors:

  • Physical Possession of Your Phone
    Your phone is the thing you have.
  • Knowledge of Your Phone’s Passcode or the Correct Biometric
    If using fingerprint authentication, you’re authenticating with something you are. If you use a passcode, that’s something you know.

Here’s What it Looks Like:

Image Source: GCITS.com

  1. First, you’ll be presented with the login screen you know and are used to. There, you’ll enter your email.
  2. Next, you’ll accept a push notification sent to your phone.
  3. Your phone will perform additional authentication, such as your passcode or biometric.
  4. That’s it, you’re signed in!

How to Get Started

In order to use passwordless authentication, an organization administrator at your company will need to approve it. If you’re a Stellar IT customer, we’ll be reaching out to you about it soon!

Did you know?

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