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And how does it benefit my business?

IT as a Service is what we call our Stellar IT offering. While it may sound like just another buzzword, we firmly believe that it truly encompasses what we offer. In this post, we’ll explore what IT as a Service means to us and how it can benefit your business.

The key benefit to IT as a Service is that it enables us to deliver a holistic IT service that goes far beyond just fixing problems when they occur. To dig further into this, let’s look at the structure you might see in an internal IT organization at a larger company.

Internal IT should be a Multi-Faceted service

This is a very simplified view of an IT organization. There are often other teams at play such as project teams.

  • IT Management
    This typically consists of management personnel who are less involved in your technology. This includes positions like Chief Information Officer, IT Manager, and the like. It is this team’s job to ensure that the technology that is implemented in the business is delivering as expected, and also to find the right solutions to new problems.
  • IT/System Administration
    This is typically the “higher level” technical professionals at the company. Their job is to administer the systems that are in place, as well as assist with the implementation of new ones. They typically have greater levels of access to the IT resources, and it is generally their job to be proactive in making sure everything is running as it should.
  • Cybersecurity
    The cybersecurity team is one of the most important teams in the modern enterprise. It’s their job to ensure that only the people that should have access do have access. It’s also their job to ensure that people only have access to the data that they need access to. Using a combination of tools and know-how, they keep tabs on what’s happening in the IT environment, looking for potentially malicious activity.
  • Help Desk/Customer Support
    This is the team that you likely interact with the most. Their job is self-explanatory, it’s to help you when you run into problems. This team is often broken down into “tiers” from Tier I to Tier III. Their jobs differ based on the complexity of your problem and where it resides. For example, trouble with a printer would typically be mitigated by first-line help desk teams, while complex issues requiring work on a server would be handled by higher level teams.


As you can see, a large organization has a wide range of IT expertise at its disposal to ensure that the critical IT systems of the company operate, and to ensure that the systems that are in place or are being selected align to the ever-changing needs of the organization. The problem with small business IT (until now), is that they simply cannot afford to have this expertise on board. This can lead to decisions being made without enough information available to ensure that they drive the business in the right direction. That’s where Stellar IT comes in.

Stellar IT Offers Your Business the Complete IT Picture

With Stellar IT, your business gets everything it needs to have an effective IT strategy, at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. When you choose IT as Service, you’re empowering your business with the best suite of tools on the market, and the human capital to make them work harder for you and drive bottom-line results. Here are some of the key components of Stellar IT:

The Right Tools

We’ve partnered with Pax8, Arrow Electronics, Sophos, Bitdefender, Microsoft, and others to deliver a suite of tools once only available to enterprises. It’s called Microsoft 365, and there’s a lot under the hood:

  • The Office 365 Collaboration Suite
    Office 365 is the world’s most widely used collaboration suite. It includes email and calendaring, collaboration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint for file sharing and collaboration, OneDrive for Business for secure online file storage, and more.
  • Microsoft Security Tools
    Cybersecurity is at the core of what we do at Kirbside. We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our customers have the best security available to them and that it is properly implemented. In addition to Office 365, leveraging Microsoft 365 allows us to take advantage of important tools like Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility and Security. This suite of tools allows us to implement tight controls around your sensitive information and workloads and ensure that only the right people access it. Further, we’re able to ensure that appropriate levels of protection are applied to your applications and data through a myriad of available policies that ensure that data is encrypted. We’re able to give you the power to control which devices can access your data and under what conditions.
  • Windows 10
    Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most secure operating system. With Microsoft 365, you get licensing to upgrade all your computers to the latest version of Windows included as a part of your service. This allows us to take advantage of the latest security tools and methods to protect your team and your data.
  • Enterprise-Grade Antivirus
    We leverage the latest and greatest in the anti-virus and anti-malware market to ensure that all your devices are protected from the latest threats.
  • Web Content and Email Security
    Email and web-borne threats are commonplace in today’s threat landscape. This means that we must take special care to protect you from those angles. To do that, we leverage advanced tools to protect you from websites and email that contain malicious content that could harm your IT infrastructure.
  • Secure Monitoring and Management
    We use state-of-the-art tools to keep tabs on what’s going on with your IT equipment 24x7x365. Automation allows us to identify and fix issues quickly, often before you even notice them.

The Right People and Know-How

Proper IT management goes far beyond the ones and zeros. That’s why we’ve taken great care to ensure that we also cover the people and business sides of IT. When you choose Kirbside, you get more than just another vendor! You get a partner for business success. We get to know you, your business, and your goals; and help you make smart, fact-driven decisions about how to leverage technology to get you there. Of course, the ones and zeros matter. When you’re having an issue, you need it fixed quickly. That’s where our Stellar Support team comes it.

  • IT Management
    Our included vCIO service gives you the consulting and advisement you need to make smart decisions about your technology. Your vCIO will learn the ins and outs of your business’ operation and can help you make the right choices to ensure that technology is driving you forward.
  • Stellar Support: Help Desk and Administration
    Our support and administration team (Stellar Support) is at the heart of our technical operation. This team of talent helps prevent problems from impacting you, and also helps you get back to work quickly when you do encounter an issue.
  • Cybersecurity
    Our team knows security. By leveraging our state-of-the-art tools, security partners, and talent, we provide your business with a holistic, multi-layered cyber security solution.


As you can see, Stellar IT delivers you a holistic solution that goes far beyond day-to-day support. We partner with you to ensure that technology is a positive driver to the bottom line, and to ensure that your company’s sensitive data is protected and used properly.