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Enterprise-grade technology solutions bundled into a manageable small to medium firm package.


A simple, secure, easy-to-use technology foundation.

We take a platform-based approach to managing your entire IT operation. Our purpose-built platform reduces the mundane by automating repetitive and error-prone tasks.

By delivering a consistent, security focused, highly integrated platform, we reduce the friction that often comes with adopting and using Modern Workplace environments. Further, we’re able to create a consistent support experience for each of our clients.



Data and collaboration are core to every business. We partner with you to choose what fits your business goals and processes best, and wrap it inside our security platform.

  • Microsoft 365


Security should be top of mind for every firm. You’re entrusted with sensitive data, and attacks are on the rise. Small to midsize businesses are the number one target for cybercriminals.

 To combat this always-evolving threat, we employ state of the art, multi-faceted security that allows us to manage who accesses your data, from what devices they can access your data, and how they can use your data.

Further, we employ next-generation tools to protect from outsider threats and insider mistakes.

Automation and Integration

 We work with you and your team to identify key workflows that can be made efficient. By integrating your tools together, we’re often able to automate “busy work” by making repeated tasks easier to complete.

    Ease of Use

    When you come to the office bright and early, you’re ready to work. So is your Stellar Platform! Our platform is built from the ground up to be intuitive and drive positive results.

    We work with each member of your team to train them on each component of their daily technology work life. This ensures they have mastery over their own processes, which in turn drives higher levels of efficiency and overall satisfaction.




    Refined Support

    We thrive where many of our competitors fail, support. When you need help, you typically need help right away.

    When you choose Kirbside, you get a dedicated team of professionals ready to help when you need it. Further, you get a dedicated technology partner who’s primary mission is to ensure success every step of the way.

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